Rebecca A.
Alpine, Ca

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Outstanding service, response time and most importantly honesty. Doc came and picked up my laptop and within an hour or two gave me the verdict. He was very upfront that if what he thought was the issue and if what he thought it was did not fix the issue what the next issue would be and unfortunately, the second option was going to be costly. I really appreciate him giving me the worst case scenario so there were no surprises. Fortunately he was able to fix my laptop without the expensive option and we are thrilled. If you need anything in regards to your computer, don't go down the hill use Doc.


Robert P
San Diego, Ca

Dennis was absolutely amazing. I was in a real emergency due to a cyber attack. Despite his normally full schedule he was able to carve out several hours to run a full system check, correct many problems, install firewalls, and get me back in business, all today! I am forever grateful. Robert P.


Bob B
Frisco, TX

I can't say enough good things about My Computer Doc. The monthly maintenance is thorough, offered at times that are convenient to the user and very reasonably priced; also, at the conclusion of maintenance the reports back to the user in terms of what was done and the findings are very helpful. When it comes to problem solving, it seems like Doc is always available; rarely do you have to wait very long for a call back. He listens intently to the problem you are having and then goes about solving it. I have used My Computer Doc, both while I lived near San Diego and now in Texas, and would never consider making a change in the company servicing my computer.


Carol O
Chula Vista, CA

Doc is a true professional. He is very honest, I trust him with our computers and he is always willing to answer any questions no matter how silly they may seem....Thanks for everything Doc!


John S.
Lakeside, Ca

Hi Dennis thank you for repairing my laptop computer I never liked using it before now after you fixed it and reset the icons (favorites) and home page I love it!!! Thanks again.


Paul M.
San Diego, Ca

This guy is so good. When my laptop broke, I tried not to flip out... but AH! It's my laptop!! My business is run off that thing! I didn't have a backup... So I showed up here and whined away about my sadness and he actually offered to give me a laptop for loan. He reported later that my laptop was just super dead... he replaced various parts... but just dead. So two weeks later, how much is he going to charge me for all that trouble PLUS 2 hours of laptop loaning? A minuscule amount. Praise be. This guy rocks and will work his butt off for you.


Adele B.
Oceanside, CA

Yep as good as it gets....I'm not sure how long Doc has been taking care of my computers but he has been my hero more than just a few times. I have little concerns since he does the monthly maintenance but when I have an issue....he is always there....and ALWAYS resolves the problem. He is A#1 in my book!!


Tim Z
Chula Vista, Ca

When my desktop PC took a dump, I knew exactly where to take it. Doc was able to resurrect an old laptop I had a while ago so I had no worries about him taking care of this. A power loss damaged the files on my hard drive so he repaired the ones he could and reinstalled the ones he couldn't. Then he scanned everything, removed some malware I didn't know I had, updated everything and even installed a couple free spyware/malware programs for any future issues. If you have issues with your computer, whether it's software or hardware, and want it fixed correctly and completely, stop your search, you've found the right place.


Dan W
Chula Vista, CA

Doc has been great to work with on our computers for our company. His responsiveness is amazing and we consider him a very valuable part of our team.


Lisa R
San Diego, Ca

Doc has been our business's go-to guy for all things computer for years. He is very knowledgeable and patient, and will do a great job. Whether it's a virus, a network problem, etc. we've experienced them all, and he's fixed them all. A few years ago my personal laptop was infected with a virus and everything went black. I couldn't even turn it on, and I thought for sure I had lost all my photos and other data and that I'd have to buy a new laptop. Doc was able to recover every bit of the data and restore everything back to normal working order (quickly, and for a very reasonable price). I was so happy. If you have a computer problem, big or small, give him a call. You'll be in good hands.


Chip B
Oceanside, CA

Doc has been great at remotely fixing my family's computers. He remotely helped my parents in St. Louis, has debugged my wife's laptop several times & my laptop & desktop. Finally I decided to go with Doc's monthly service plan & it's been great! Every month @ a scheduled time he remotely goes into our computers, updates them, cleans them up & de-bugs them. They come out of the service running extremely fast & free of all the junk. He's also very honest about what we need & what we don't. I've never felt pressured to buy any gear from him & his advice has been spot on. Thanks Doc for a job well done.


Dustin H
San Diego, Ca

Doc is amazing! Any time I have any kind of hiccup with my computer system at home or at work, Doc is my guy. He is always courteous, honest, prompt and knowledgeable. He will listen to your problem and knows just what to do to solve it..There is even a new remote service he offers to work on your computer without having to be there. Truly amazing! If you have any kind of computer issue, call Doc. He can take care of all your computer needs!


Karen H
Lakeside, Ca

My Computer Doc is the only computer repair company that our business will use for our IT support. Both for business and personal computer problems, Doc always takes care of our computer issues whether minor or major in a timely manner. He has saved us in many situations. When we had a computer that wouldn't boot up, Doc recovered all our data, and was able to install it to another computer, saving our business a lot of money. His prices are extremely reasonable considering the high quality of service we receive. Very highly recommended.


Rudy K
San Diego, CA

Doc Harris is the very best with Computer help. He is always ready to listen to what is going wrong and help you through the problem. The regular Monthly computer service is convenient, quick and inexpensive. Thanks Doc.


Karen M
El Cajon, CA

I've been using this service for quite a few years now and he does great work. Whenever I've had an issue he's there to resolve it and usually very quickly. Always keeping my computer up to date and running smoothly. I highly recommend this business. Honest, reliable, and reasonably priced too, and that's hard to find these days.


Joel H
San Diego, CA

Doc is the IT guy to go too. I've used his services over and over since the mid-1990s while still in the Navy. He is the resource to confer with when you have computer questions or problems. His remote service is the best to keep all the updates current. All you have to do is keep the computer on.


Joe M
San Diego, CA

Doc is a true professional who knows how resolve problems that other people find too hard! I can always depend on him to due a superb job and exceed all expectations ... Thanks for consistently going the "extra mile" to help your clients .. it's really appreciated!


Bernard C
San Diego, CA

I have had several problems with computer viruses, crashes, etc. in the past couple of years and Doc has saved me each time. He was even able to recover all of my data when my hard drive died on me and I thought all my photos and music were lost. His prices are very reasonable and his computer repair skills are top notch.


Katharyn M.
Kihei, HI

We have been benefiting from Doc's services for 1 1/2 yrs. They have absolutely the best attitude about helping with monthly maintenance and a multitude of technical problems we have encountered. They always resolve the issue using remote access! We would be lost without them.


Alpine, Ca

The Computer Doc was awesome. He provided same day service and saved all my files from my dying external hard drive. Basically a life saver. Thank you from Alpine Ranch CrossFit!


Fred H.
Alpine Ca

You are a true lifesaver to a non-computer person!!!! Thank you for all the help.


Chuck W.
Alpine, Ca

Thank you very much for your prompt response, service and fair prices. I greatly appreciate folks that do what they say they will do when they say they are going to do it. Thanks again and I will recommend you to anyone I know with computer problems.


Jim K.
San Diego, Ca

I have had the pleasure of working with Doc and his team for many years. I rely on him to maintain my computer’s and keep them updated with the latest software. I would highly recommend My Computer Doc of San Diego to give you piece of mind with keeping your computer’s running smoothly.


Sarah O.
Elkhorn, NE

Dennis has been doing our repairs and scheduled maintence for our computers for many years. We now live out of California and we are still maintaining the service in a different time zone. Awesome Job "Doc"!


Patricia A.
San Diego, CA

"Doc" is an invaluable part of my family!!! He has managed to teach me all that i know about a computer. And he makes me very comfortable to call him at any time to solve any problem that arises that i can't figure out! I highly recommend this man professionally and personally. Sincerely, Patricia A.


Danny G.
Descanso, CA

Dennis is always there and takes care of any problems that I might have. I am not a Tech person so it’s great to have MCD always ready to bail me out… also … very thankful for Dennis’s health!


Karen M.
El Cajon, CA

Always does a great job. I've use My Computer Doc of SD for several years and I never have any issues with my computer. I don't like dealing with technical stuff, so having someone knowledgeable do it for me is perfect.


Eric & Pat B.
Descanso, CA

We have been using My Computer Doc of San Diego to maintain our computers and laptops since 2019 and have been complete satisfied with the service we have received. We are particularly pleased with the Remote Scheduled Maintenance service. Once a month, the three laptops we use for our on-line work are gone over to check for and remove any viruses and “malware” they might have picked up. During these maintenance sessions, software and web browser updates are also brought up to date. What makes this service so appealing to us is that all work is accomplished without our having to take our laptops to some other location. We can highly recommend My Computer Doc of San Diego for all computer serving needs.


Patricia W.
Bonita, CA

Doc has always been courteous and professional with me and helped me with any issues and questions without hesitation. He keeps my computer going and I can rely on him all the time.